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Published on August 8th, 2011 | by Stu Kennedy

How…. Tilt Shift Lincoln

So after getting well over 30k Views on vimeo for this video

First let me say, thank you for all the support, votes, views and comments. They are much appreciated!

Im gonna walk through what process i used to get this result.

Firstly the phone:

Samsung GalaxyS2 on Android Gingerbread Software.

Video Camera settings were Full HD (this does Zoom in a little from 720p)

On certain locations i changed the Exposure value to brighten up the capture.


I had an old phone case that i never used, so i mounted to to a 90 Deg right angle bracket that i bought a while ago from B&Q (Home Depot)

This was then mounted on my fluid head by removing the original camera mounting screw and replacing it with a nut/bolt with washers..

This then obviously put on the tripod!

Here are all the locations that i shot video from

View Tilt Shift Lincoln UK in a larger map

So once i had all the footage, i went home and started editing.

I kept the full length of each clip i took so i could do the cutting in Sony Vegas and have that little more control over what goes where.

I mainly used After Effects for doing the Tilt Shift Effect.

I looked at a few online videos of how to use After Effects and this was the best one for my project.. but as said on other sites, the color correction and Saturation was well and needed more tweaking.

But you get the idea

Once i had all the clips done i imported them to Sony Vegas 10.

I have Magneticman’s album and its the first track on it and i absolutely love it and knew it would fit in with my time line and give dramatic effect to the whole thing.

I wanted to put the slower more soft and calm scenes in the slow parts of the music and the more action/faster moving scenes with the upbeat parts.

then once i was happy, i used vimeo’s recommended rendering settings for the upload.


Thanks for reading this. i hope it helps with any projects you may be working on


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